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Benefits of  Wall Mounted Split System Air Conditioner.

Select your desired Air conditioner depends on some situation.It may at your office,Home or industry. So many factor may come into works, For Example: size and separation of rooms, the age of the structure, & client funds. So each and every part is important for work.

Another part is installation because you have to do this by cost effective way. On the other hand, you do not work with less efficient because your product costly item. Split System Air conditioner is more populer then window or duct Split. You need to expert and experienced technician. is the best platform for us due to we provide high quality service and product, Such as, General Split Ac, Carrier split Ac, Midea Split Ac, LG Split Ac, Chigo Split Ac, Mitsubishi Split Ac and Samsung split Ac with Panasonic split Ac etc.

Advantages of Air Conditioner

  1. Intense warm has a obvious unenthusiastic crash on the intelligence and on corporeal action& make use of  AC be able to leave some way to remedy this. We know General Air conditioner is the best for supper cooling.
  2. It is improve console levelsat work station and at free time.
  3. It is get better job or work recital.
  4. It is be able to effect in enlarged bodily and intellectual movement.
  5. A inferior temperature decrease the presence of insects and vermin.
  6. lesser temperature denote fewer sweating,dipping the risk of thirst.
  7. Air Conditioner maintaining and cleaning is the big point because if you do not time to time clean your Air conditioner then its grows various types bacteria and insect. It is danger for life or health because of you may sick. So, you can go is the best service provider with antigenic way.

Disadvantages of Air conditioner

  1. unexpected change the hotness and humidity influence the respiratory system.
  2. It has a ventilation consequence on skinand mucous membranes.
  3. It create to noise and it is one reson to sound pollution.
  4. The air movement cansend out communicable respiratory diseases.
  5. Flying dust and fungus can source allergic.
  6. Air conditioning is connected with constant rhinitis and pharyngitis, throat annoyance & croakiness.
  7. Air conditioner know how to exacerbate eye conditions such as conjunctivitis & elephantiasis, & causing harms for get in touch with lens wearers.


  1. An Air conditioner is need to seats should be frequently ventilated.
  2. You need to haire proficient installation and maintenance expart for together indoor units and outdoor systems.
  3. You must nedd to keep room temperature between 22º and 25º C.
  4. Attempt to uphold an standard humidity of between 60% and 70%.

Finally, We can say that these are the must essential for every Air conditioner user personally or commercially because of its may create same problem. You can visit our showroom and online store for best product and better service. You will get from here General Air Conditioner,Carrier Air conditioner,LG Air conditioner,Sharp Air conditioner, Mitsubishi Air conditioner, Midea Air conditioner,Chigo Air conditioner,Gree Air conditioner,Panasonic Air conditioner and Hitachi Air conditioner etc. We have excellent and expert service team for your better service.

Our Air Conditioning product is vast due to each & single product is our imported. We have authorization and authentic product supply management chain. 38 years is our business reputation in Bangladesh. Out top brand name is General Ac price Bangladesh & Carrier Ac price Bangladesh with top authenticity.

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