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Different between General 1 Ton split Ac and General 1.5 split Ac

Fujitsu General Ltd manufactures every one of group Air conditioner for personal or industrial usage. www.generalacpriceinbangladesh.com is the Distributor and Dealer of General Split Air conditioner Bangladesh. So, you can select your desire product for your high comfort. There is lot of General brand Air conditioner.

We have General 1 Ton split Ac and General 1.5 ton split Ac. Split means two separated unit like as, indoor unit and outdoor unit. They are different model For example: Indoor unit: ASGA12BMT and outdoor unit: AOGA12.There is basic difference between 1 Ton and Ton Split Ac.

Basic Difference General 1 Ton Split Ac General 1.5 Ton split Ac
BTU 12,000 18,000
Coverage Area 120 Sft. 180 Sft
Refrigerant 32 410
Physical Size 2.5 Ft 3 Ft
Star Rating 3 5
Moister removal 1.2(Ltr/ph) 2 (Ltr/ph)
Airflow Medium High
Amp 5.5 8.5


In our above discussion we can see that there is some special difference with “General 1 Ton Split Ac price Bangladesh” with “General 1.5 Ton Split Ac price Bangladesh”. General 1 Ton split has low demand, on the other hand, General 1.5 Ton split Ac has high demand. Because of General 1.5 Ton split Air conditioner cover maximum personal room size. You can simply find your targeted product for your comfort.

General Air conditioner is the first and primer superiority brand name in Bangladesh. www.generalacpriceinbangladesh.com is largest supplier and importer of General Split Air conditioner Bangladesh. Most of the Bangladeshi people want to use “General 1.5 Ton split Ac price Bangladesh”. It is originally come from Thailand but it was Fujitsu general Ltd of Japan. It has excellent service and long run durable product for personal or industrial sector. We are reliable and authentic seller of General Air conditioner Bangladesh. You will get 100% genuine, best and guaranteed item from here.

Therefore, we can say that General Air conditioner is the best and reliable product for us. You can choose your demand to watches difference 1 Ton and 1.5 Ton split Ac.

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