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General Ac in Bangladesh


General Air conditioner is the originally from Fujitsu General Ltd, Japan. We know General Air conditioner is the first brand in the world. Fujitsu General Ltd always provides to us Eco-friendly and Environment Friendly personal or commercial Air conditioner in Bangladesh. They are forever maintain World Health organization rules because of when you going to produce any product then you have to mind environment pollution or Eco environment or Green technology facts. Inverter technology also green technology because it’s can reduce use of power. On the other hand, Fujitsu general private limited situated their industry in various locations for export facilities and cost minimization. As a result, Fujitsu General Ltd placed factory for Asian purchaser, Thailand, china and India. For that reason, we are getting three types of General Air conditioner in Bangladesh.


Fujitsu General Ltd first established in Osaka, Japan in 1972. Now, they are expanding their business globally. Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Mid-list are the main market of General Air conditioner. Each and every country in the world exist general Air conditioner for her Business and product reputation. We are the certified dealer, Distributor and importer of general Ac price in Bangladesh. At the first time they gives only Bristol compressor Air conditioner but now giving Bristol or Admiral and Rotary compressor Air conditioner in bd. Day by day growing brand value of General Air conditioner in Bangladesh with lowest price and top class service. They are growing now production capacity in Thailand, India and china. is import from Thailand factory. General each and single product is the eco-technology for power consumption. In the Worldwide General Ac growing sell from past year. Fujitsu general ltd of Japan managed each production factors for quality make sure. Product quality and cost minimization is the main goal of Fujitsu General Ltd. In our country people are happy to use the General Ac in bd.

Various products of General Air Conditioner:

Fujitsu General Ltd has developed two types’ society or category buyer, Personal user and Industrial user. There are many types of Air conditioner for two category buyer.

1) General Individual Air Conditioner: General Split Ac, General window Ac, General cassette Ac and General ceiling Ac.

 2)  General Industrial Air conditioner: General VRF Ac, General Duct Ac, and General Chiller Ac.

Define Personal air conditioner based on power connection has two types connection method.

1) Single Phase connection.

2) 3 Phase Connection.

Single phase Connection Air conditioner: General Wall split Ac 1 Ton, General Wall split Ac 1.5 ton, General 2 ton wall Split Ac, General Wall split Ac 2.5 ton, General 3 ton wall split Ac. On the other hand, General 1 ton window Ac, General 1.5 Ton window Ac, General 2 ton window Ac, General 2.5 ton Window Ac. These are used in Home, office, factory and Shop without industrial power connection.

General single phase connection.

3 phase Connection Air conditioner: General 3 ton Split ceiling Ac, General 4 Ton Split ceiling Ac, General 4.5 ton Split ceiling Ac and General 5 ton Split ceiling Ac. Furthermore, General 3 ton cassette Ac, General 4 ton cassette Ac, General 4.5 ton Ac and General 5 ton cassette Ac with General VRF Ac, General Chiller Ac and General Duct Ac in Bangladesh.

General Ac three phase connection.

General Ac compressor Ac in Bangladesh

General Air conditioner has 4 types of Compressor

  1. Admiral or Bristol Compressor.
  2. Rotary Compressor.
  3. Scroll Compressor
  4. Reciprocating Compressor.


We have all kinds of compressor Air conditioner in Bangladesh because we are the General Ac importer in Bangladesh. Admiral or Bristol compressor to be from 1 Ton to 2.5 Ton wall split Air conditioner, which is the repairable compressor. Rotary compressor Ac also from 1 Ton to 2.5 Ton wall split or window Air conditioner in Bangladesh.  On the other hand, from 3 Ton to 5 ton General Ac is to be Scroll and Reciprocating Compressor Air conditioner.

General Air conditioner in Bangladesh of Gas

We know that General Air conditioner used 3 types of cooling Gas.

  • R-22 (Gas)
  • R-32
  • R-410

There are three types of gas but new innovated environment friendly Gas id R-410. This is the latest Air conditioner gas. It may reduce power consumption.

General Ac color

Each and Every General Air conditioner is white color. Fujitsu General ltd does not up to now any colorful air conditioner but general Air conditioner is forever smart shape and compact design. Every buyer likes to General Air conditioner design.


General Ac specification & Features

We know that General brand air conditioner has Variety base on capacity.  All Air conditioner does not contain same features and specification. For example: General 1 ton split Ac and General 1 ton window Ac in Bangladesh has some different features. First of all, physical structure and air flow system, compressor size and various facilities.  In the same way, General 1.5 ton split Ac and General 1.5 ton window Ac has some difference specifically and physically with some features. We will see that in our nest article.


British Thermal Unit (BTU)

This is the technical logical terms of Air conditioner. It’s totally depending on Tonnage. For say: General 1 ton Ac has 12000 BTU and radically it’s growing with tonnage capacity. Many illegal manufacturer produce lessen BTU for 1 ton Ac suppose, 11000 BTU or 11500 BTU but they says that it is the 12000 BTU means 1 ton Air conditioner. Our Retail buyer does not measure the Tonnage at the time of buying. Our each and every single General Ac price in Bangladesh has accurate BTU. We do not use any kind of illegal actives in Air conditioner. General Air conditioner has perfect BTU for that reason; many people are choosing the General Air conditioner in Bangladesh.

Brand Value of General Ac in Bangladesh

General Air conditioner is the premier quality and first Air conditioner in Bangladesh. Most of Air conditioner knows about the general Air conditioner in Bangladesh. General Air conditioner is the top brand in Bangladesh. We know many other brand Air conditioner name but people perception Air conditioner id the better than other Air conditioner. Our countries have 35% user in all over Bangladesh. It is the totally made by Japanese Technology for high comfort. Other Air conditioner does not competent with General Air conditioner in Bangladesh.

User friendly Air conditioner

I think that General Air conditioner is the most user friendly Air conditioner in bd because it has easy user function and you can easily service any time. You can replace and re-transfer from one side to another side. Anybody easily can use the General Air conditioner and remote function is the very easy work.  You will not found user facilities from General Air conditioner in Bangladesh.

Finally, we can say that General Air conditioner in Bangladesh is the top quality Eco-system and high comfortable mode lose heating device. We have General Ac price list in Bangladesh with some other different types of chose-able general Air conditioner. You will get all kinds of accurate information in This is the largest and innovated product information sharing platform. We can learn from here with sharing information. This is the largest Ac price in Bangladesh virtual store for information gather.

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