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“General Ac price in Bangladesh”

General is a zenith product name of Air conditioning system and it is possessed by Fujitsu General Ltd of Japan. Fujitsu General Ltd is manufacture and promoter of different Air conditioning,heating and humidity controllers in Bangladesh. General Ac & Fujitsu Ac is the different product and market. Esquire Electronics Ltd is the Sole and Authorized Distributor in Bangladesh of General Air Conditioner. is the Royal Dealer of “General Ac price Bangladesh”. General Air Conditioner Company established in Japan,Osaka. And, now it is expand with globally for General Ac price in Bangladesh.

Creation of Comfort:

Fujitsu General creates high quality and Environment friendly products that provide good comfort in our accordance with our vision to create a comfortable Environment Friendly by utilizing Air Conditioning Technology and creativity we have fostered over many years. So, it is best for us that General Ac price in Bangladesh.

High Quality Development and Product Environment of General Ac:

Fujitsu General Ltd Japan of the  Head Quarters R&D Center is prepared with a extensive range of testing tackle envisioning a variety of operating situation this includes a testing tower with a 60m height dissimilarity for buildings. We give elevated excellence and  dependable products that get together the customers require from all more than the world from side to side this superior  R&D center and 6 making companies based on the China and Thailand. General Ac price in Bangladesh

Superior Products:

General Air Conditioner is a ought to upper than others brand in Bangladesh. It has well-built indoor and outdoor part, because of it is originally produce by Japanese Technology on behalf of defend sun and rain. Smart looks for indoor and outdoor. Compressor quality is an additional topper facial appearance. It has high longevity overhaul means. Fujitsu General Ltd is forever construct two types compressor for High Wall Split Air Conditioner. On the other hand, Split Cassette and Split Ceiling Air Conditioner compressor is identical and it is a Copland Compressor. General Air conditioner has just right and precise cooling aptitude due to BTU guaranteed. All air conditioner is tested by British Thermal Unit (BTU). We are ISO, ROSH, World Health Organization and International Environment Association permitted. You can see General Ac price in Bangladesh

General Brand Ac in Bangladesh:

Bangladesh is a biggest Market for the General Air conditioner. Here are group of brand but General is the first and last brand name in the Bangladesh. Most of the people like better to General Air Conditioner. We are only certified for  Dealer,Distributor and importer of General Ac price Bangladesh. It is a cost effective and towering performing product for individual or industrial division. is a sole supplier of General Air conditioner in Bangladesh. Product eminence and product tune-up is outstanding than other item. We have wholesale and retail system for every single one kinds of people or buyer. We have greatest standing for finest product in Bangladesh. You may visit our online or offline show or store for General Ac price in Bangladesh.

We are advertising General brand each and every one class product and every group Model. You will no acquire an additional amenities for more Model and enhanced service. Fujitsu General is all the time build-up advance technology for client comfort. Inverter technology is a different super quality factors for customers. It can reduce power or electric use and improved healthy environment. Wonderful Cooling and long lasting makes different of General AC price in Bangladesh from others.

Kinds of General Air Conditioner

General Brand Air conditioner has some different types for user facilities. We know that General is a first brand name in the Bangladesh, For that reason it has huge demand in Market. Fujitsu General Ltd,Japan thinks for types.Such as:-

  1. High Wall Split Air Conditioner.
  2. Window Type Air Conditioner.
  3. Split Cassette Type Air Conditioner.
  4. Split Ceiling Type Air Conditioner.
  5. VRF System Air Conditioner.
  6. Duct System Air Conditioner.
  7. Chiller Air Conditioner.

Each and Every product has dissimilar dimension and facilities. Here are some Home Air conditioner and Commercial Air conditioner. We can say that VRF,Duct and chiller is the full commercial Air conditioner. On the other hand, Wall Split,window, Split cassette and Split Ceiling is the personal or commercial products.  Every products has different capacity and division. Like As: Tonnage calculation and different model with Technical terms. Technology is also different with one of them. You will get all kids of information about General Air conditioner facilities for your comfort. We may discuss about out product category with informatively. For example:-

  1. High Wall Split Air Conditioner: This is most common segment for Air Conditioning system because of most of the people are using High wall Split Air Conditioner. It has two part, One is indoor unit and another is Outdoor Unit. There are different model and dimension with capacity. We can say that it is called to Room Air conditioner. Forexample:
  1. General Ac 1 Ton: General 1 Ton Air Conditioner is a small size and mini Air Conditioner. It is produce by 12000 BTU for 130 squire Feet space. It has Rotary compressor with R-22, R-32, R-410. It is need for single room. General 1.0 Ton Air conditioner is best selling item and most faithful product. Here are various types of Model.

A.1. ASGA12BMTA. BTU-12000(Rotary compressor-R32).

A.2  ASGA12AEC.BTU-12000 (Bristol or Admiral R-22).

A.3 ASGA-12ACT Btu=12000 (Bristol & AdmiralR-22).

  1. General 1.5 Ton: General 1.5 Ton Air conditioner is top selling Air conditioner. It is called to Room Air conditioner or personal Air Conditioner. It is built by 18000 BTU for 180 square Feet space. This is a general calculation for client. It has different model and style. You have to know about all category Air conditioner of 1.5 Ton Ac. Here are various types of Model and design are given bellow:

B.1. ASGA-18FMTA,Btu=18000 (Rotary Compressor,R-410).

B.2 ASGA-18FETA, Btu=18000 (Rotary Compressor,R-410).

B.3 ASGA-18AET, Btu=18000 (Rotary Compressor,R-22).

B.4 ASGA-18ABC/AHT, Btu=18000(Bristol / Admiral Compressor-R-22 ).

B.5 AWG-18ABC, Btu=18000,( Bristol / Admiral Compressor,R-22).

B.6 ASGA-18FUTBZ,Btu=18000,( Bristol / Admiral Compressor,R-410)