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We know Fujitsu General Ltd is the world largest manufacturer in the world. General is a to brand name in the Bangladesh. So, we have confirm these product which is good for you but these products are also better than other brand. For that reason, we are explain in here Difference between General 1.5 Ton AC  ASGA18FMTB and ASGA18ABC Models.

General 1.5 Ton: ASGA18FMTB

Product Description with Dimension: General AC 1.5 Ton is most popular and top selling Air conditioner in Bangladesh. This product is white color with golden bid. ASGA18FMTB indoor is smaller than ASGA18ABC. Copper thickness is also same but different is in Refrigerant R-410 (its’ good and healthy gas). It can keep good and healthy environment at your home. Compressor is also another important factors. Here is Rotary Compressor and it’s latest technology.  Rotary is non-repairable spare parts (Compressor). Air Flow is also same and energy efficient is good. You can use it smoothly due to energy saving high than ASGA18ABC.

General 1.5 Ton: ASGA18ABC

Product Description with Dimension: General AC 1.5 Ton is peack using Air conditioner. It is white color but indoor surface is different because all models are plain indoor but ASGA18ABC indoor is RAK RAK style in indoor surface area. Here is Birstol brand USA Admiral type Compressor, Repairable and high longevity service able. ASGA18ABC is manufacturer by R-22 Gas, It is not healthy gas. It is old technology. Air flow and energy efficient is high. You have face high electricity bill. It is famous Model in Bangladesh. You can use it personal and industrial sector. This is a heavy dutry Air conditioner in Bangladesh. ASGA18ABC  is old model and old technology. Everybody wants to buy ASGA18ABC but it is expensive than ASGA18FMTB.

At finally we can say that these models are also best and top selling Air conditioner. We want to try explain Difference between General 1.5 Ton AC  ASGA18FMTB and ASGA18ABC. So best of luck and decision of buyer.

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