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Difference Between General 1 with 1.5 Ton Split Ac

General is a global brand name in the world. It has huge demand in the Bangladesh. We see various types of Model and category in the market. Some one has different demand with different space. You will get from here some information about General Ac 1 Ton & 1.5 Ton.

General Ac 1 Ton Price Bangladesh 

General 1 Ton wall split Air conditioner is the personal item. It is use in small room or up to 120 sft. Here are two models, ASGA12BMT,ASGA12AEC. There are difference with GAS and Compressor. General 1 Ton Split ASGA12BMT is R-32 Gas. On the other hand,General 1.5 Ton Split ASGA12AEC is the R-22 Gas. Second Air conditioner is the better than ASGA12BMT. Condenser is the Copper. We have lot of sale of 1 ton Air conditioner. most of the single user are buying that. If you want see our product then you hvae to visit our store or online store. It is comes from Thailand and origin of Fujitsu General Ltd,Japan. General Ac 1 Ton is the remarkable Air conditioner. Long lasting is the another features of general Ac 1 ton price in Bangladesh.Here are some special features: Accurate btu, Copper condenser, anti bacterial filter, long Air flow and easy washable. So, we can say that general Ac 1 Ton price in Bangladesh is the best selling and high responsive Air conditioner. You can buy for personal use with high confident.

General Ac 1.5 Ton Price Bangladesh

General Ac 1.5 ton is the another personal Air conditioner. It is may some times officially. It has some different model and category. Here are ASGA18FMT,ASGA18AFT,ASGA18ABC,ASGA18FUTBZ and ASGA18FET. You will get these model with different features and looks. These are top ranked product in the Bangladesh. if you want see these products, for that reason, you have to visit our online store and offline store. General Air conditioner is the first brand name in the Bangladesh.


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