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Air Cooler price Bangladesh

An air cooler just keep one’s cool the air. It does moister. Air cooler makes use of the vaporizing approach which is assists to produce the great air and the temperature of completely dry air can be stopped by placing it with liquid water to make water vapor. Air Cooler is the common cooler device in Bangladesh because of it has grate facilitates to use.

The purpose of an air cooler is comparable to the evaporator. Exactly what makes it different is the type of cooling tool it makes use of. An air colder is a heat loser used to cool down and dehumidify the air. Brine (water with glycol) is generally made use of as a coolant in air coolers or other second coolant can be made use of, an air cooler can, as an instance, be copper or steel pipeline keen on the aluminum fins are fitted. The cooling tool streaming throughout the heat exchanger cools losing the aluminum fins, where heat is exchanged between the cooling tool as well as the air. The air is to be cooled or dehumidified is obligatory over the aluminum fins by an admirer. Air coolers are made use of for cooling in structures, commercial air cooling processes and so on.

We have best and excellent Air Cooler for personal or commercial use for our valued client. Maximum Bangladeshi mid-level earner wants to use Air cooler for personal saving consume. There are many facilities to use. We have huge experience to sale and after sale service to air Cooler.  Continuously, we are providing various best brand air cooler in Bangladesh. For instance: Chigo Air Cooler, Daikin Air Cooler, Gree Air Cooler, Sharp Air Cooler, Panasonic Air Cooler, Mallard Air Cooler, Midea Air Cooler, Symphony Air Cooler and so on.

Advantages of Air Cooler usages:

  • Low costs 10-15% of Ac,s.
  • Low ambient Temperature run.
  • Runs at 1/5th power consumption of AC
  • No need any extra insulation necessities in the rooms
  • Air cooler is made by simple machinery.
  • Maintenance is easy and can be done by anyone.
  • Can humidify air in really dry areas.
  • You can run with no stabilizers.
  • Air Cooler usages have no harmful distress on atmosphere.
  • Air coolers are that they are relatively cost effective.
  • It may use individual room or personal comfort.
  • Air cooler use, installation and service very easy.
  • Air Cooler power consumption is low and it can reduce money expenditure but good comfort.