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Ceiling Ac price in Bangladesh

 Ceiling Suspended Air Conditioners can create comfort at your room or open space with efficiently because it has high cooling capacity. Many people say that it is a high ceiling or split ceiling air Conditioner. It is manufactured by two part indoor and outdoor unit. Ceiling Air Conditioner is able to keep cool or make cool your desired space by own capacity. Because of it has wide ranges cooling capacity efficiently. High wall ceiling Ac system is more popular process for cooling room, office, shop, industry and other open large space.

Ceiling Type Air Conditioner in Bangladesh

We know split Ceiling Air conditioner is the very demanding item in Bangladesh. Day by day split ceiling Air conditioner supply growing in Bangladeshi market. We have top quality split ceiling Air conditioner for our valued shopper for their own use or commercial use. We are supplier, Authorized Dealer Distributor Agent Wholesaler by means of different location Showroom in Bangladesh. Such as: General, Carrier, Midea, Chigo, Panasonic, Daikin, Gree, LG and Haier. We have some diverse group Split ceiling Air Conditioner are given bellow with some details:

Split Ceiling Ac 1.5 Ton (BTU=18000) = 120 Square Feet.

Split Ceiling Ac 2 Ton (BTU=24000) = 170 Square Feet.

Split Ceiling Ac 2.5 Ton (BTU=30000) = 220 Square Feet.

Split Ceiling Ac 3 Ton (BTU=36000) = 270 Square Feet.

Split Ceiling Ac 4 Ton (BTU=48000) = 370 Square Feet.

Split Ceiling Ac 4.5 Ton (BTU=54000) = 420 Square Feet.

Split Ceiling Ac 5 Ton (BTU=60000) = 480 Square Feet.