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Floor Standing Ac price Bangladesh

What is Floor standing Air Conditioner?

Flooring Standing Ac unit is at the ground degree it takes much less time to feel its benefits compared to the wall placed range, at the very least to those in closer distance to it. These devices are useful in within spaces that lack enough wall surface area to connect strategy, or within buildings constructed of delicate materials such as glass. The floor installed devices can look much more very discreet than their wall mounted choices, lessening the impact on a room’s looks. We are top distributor of Floor standing Ac price in Bangladesh with best price. It has super cooling capacity and eco friendly service for healthy environment.

One of the main troubles associated with flooring installed ac system is that their air flow can be endangered by obstacles on the floor, such as furnishings and also home appliances. As a result of this, the great air could disperse unevenly throughout the space, profiting those closest to the system whilst depriving those additional far from it. If the flooring mounted range could not provide general alleviation on a hot day, its effectiveness is doubtful. Our All floor standing air conditioners permit you to softly cool precise space of your business without troublesome your clientele or your design. Discover our all gathering to find your right floor standing Ac,s for your office, personal room, shop, hospital, School, college and other spaces.

Floor Standing Air Conditioner in Bangladesh

The floor standing air conditioner can be stood directly into a floor, or be installed onto a wall at low degree. Whilst pricier compared to the wall surface installed and also flexi/ universal type a/c, the floor standing air conditioning system is portable and also neat, as well as can be mounted discretely at low degree within an area. The flooring standing a/c unit can also be partially recessed right into a wall, lowering its noticeable depth to simply 95mm.

Benefits of Floor standing air conditioning system.  

  • Compact in size.
  • Reduced level set up placement for a discrete installation.
  • Can be recessed into a wall surface to minimize noticeable depth.
  • Eco-friendly Service.
  • Energy saving Efficiency.
  • Easy servicing of Air Conditioner.
  • Long run durable product service guarantee.

Unusual kind of Products:-

Tonnage or capacity BTU Required space
1 = Ton 12,000 120 sq. ft. x 9-ft. Height
1.5 = Ton 18,000 170 sq. ft. x 9-ft. Height
2 = Ton 24,000 220 sq. ft. x 9-ft. Height
2.5 = Ton 30,000 280 sq. ft. x 9-ft. Height
3 = Ton 36,000 330 sq. ft. x 9-ft. Height
4 = Ton 48,000 450 sq. ft. x 9-ft. Height
5 = Ton 60,000 500 sq. ft. x 9-ft. Height
6 = Ton 72,000 620 sq. ft. x 9-ft. Height
7 = Ton 84,000 720 sq. ft. x 9-ft. Height
8 = Ton 96,000 820 sq. ft. x 9-ft. Height
9 = Ton 1,08,000 920 sq. ft. x 9-ft. Height
10 = Ton 1,20,000 1020 sq. ft. x 9-ft. Height