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Window Ac price Bangladesh

Window air conditioner is introduced to as room air conditioner as well as commercial air conditioner. It is an innovated design for air conditioning system and it is set on windows or walls. It is a sole piece. Window Ac is assemble in a casing where all the integral are placed. Window air conditioners are comprised of intrinsic like the compressor, condenser, expansion valve or expansion coil, and the evaporator or the cooling coil, all housed in a single box. Window Air Conditioner has one unit by front side evaporator and condenser.

Window Air Conditioner has huge demand in Bangladesh for personal or commercial use. We have various international brands name famous Window Ac. For Example: General window Ac, Midea Window Ac, Carrier Window Ac, Chigo Window Ac and Gree Window Ac. Window Air Conditioner installation easier to Split Air Conditioner and it has long run usages ability by Height service.

Window 1 Ton (BTU=12000) = 120 Square Feet space.

 Window 1.5 Ton (BTU=18000) = 170 Square Feet space.

Window 2 Ton (BTU=24000) = 220 Square Feet space.