“General 1 Ton Window Ac price Bangladesh”

Fujitsu General Window Air Conditioner is most popular Home & office cooler. It is produced by Fujitsu General Ltd Japan, Osaka. They are export in Bangladesh. We are importing “General 1 Ton Window Ac price Bangladesh” from Thailand. Because of,  they are established factory in Thailand for Asian region. Most of the Bangladeshi Air Conditioner user first choice is General Ac price Bangladesh with high reliability.

We know General 1 Ton Window Ac price Bangladesh is the personal cooling machine. It will cover small size area, 120 square feet by 9 feet height. Compressor is Rotary with R-410. It is environment friendly healthy cooling system. Long run durable service is main key features of General Air conditioner in Bangladesh. Here is Super condenser system, cooling mode fast, Air flow system high, Multi Air flow process, Air filter auto clean, rotary compressor, factory Assembled product and so on.

Furthermore, we make sure that General 1 Ton window Ac price Bangladesh is fasted cooling device and extreme cooler for your home or office. You can use it in also factory because it is easily washable for any time for higher service.