General Ac importer Bangladesh

Fujitsu General Ltd is a world leader for high quality Air conditioner producer. We are the certified importer of the General Ac price Bangladesh. Eco friendly and environment friendly healthy service provider.All air conditioner contain Gas R-22,R-32,R-410.

Here are all kinds of products for personal and commercial use. For example: General window Ac, Cassette Ac, ceiling Ac, Wall split Ac and VRF Air conditioner with HVAC system. General is not Bangladeshi brand but also international. We have lot of products in here or offline out-late. You can select your product from here. Our product quality and service is the outstanding. We are certified General Ac importer Bangladesh. product price very low with top quality Air conditioner.

Finally we can say that general Air conditioner is the first and reliable products. We have lot of model and various types of variety.from one to five ton. This is the best for your cooling system.