Chigo Ducted split ac price in Bangladesh

  • CHIGO Air Conditioning Co.Ltd.
  • Chigo Group,Guangdong, China.
  • British Thermal Unit Tested.
  • Self-Imported, Since 1983
  • power consumption High.
  • Eco friendly system.
  • 48,000 BTU/HR
  • CTH-48HR1
  • R410a
  • Showroom: Dhaka-Chittagong-Sylhet
  • Contact: 01712 – 960 393
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“Duct Type ac in Bangladesh”

Duct type air conditioner is industrial cooling machine. Many renoune organization are using chigo sucted split ac in Bangladesh. Ducted air conditioner is low cost than normal split ac because individual split ac costly, on the other hand, you can use ducted split ac in this place. Chigo is world reputed air condition manufaturing company in the world. Many people are use chigo duct split for more keep cooling.

Some Smart Features:-

  • Smart Technology.
  • Energy Saving Mode High.
  • Low EER.
  • 5 Star Rating.
  • Cooling capacity High.
  • Temperature Adjustment Digital.
  • Orginal Sanyo Japan Fan Motor.
Model CTH-48HR1
Indoor Power Supply V-Ph-Hz 220~240/1/50
Cooling Capacity Btu/h 48000
Capacity kW 14
Input W 500
Rated current A 2.3
EER W/W 2.55
Heating Capacity Btu/h 52500
Capacity Kw 15.2
Input W 500
Rated current A 2.3
COP w/w 2.77
Indoor Fan Motor Model YSK139-300F-4P3H95
Input W 500
Capacity uF 15
Speed (Hi/Med/Low) r/min 1050/830/720
Indoor Coil Number of Rows 3
Tube Pitch (a) x Row Pitch (b) mm 22 x 19.05
Fin Spacing mm 1.6
Fin Type Hydrophilic
Tube Outside Dia and Type mm Φ 7.94 Inner grooved
Number of Circuits 6
Indoor Airflow (High speed) m³/h 2300
Static Pressure Pa 120
Indoor noise level dB(A) 44~52
Indoor Unit Dimension (W x H x D) Body mm 1175 x 610 x 370
Packaging (W x H x D) Body mm 1245 x 655 x 445
Net/Gross weight Body Kg 45/49
Max Pressure MPa 4.0
Refrigerant Type R410A
Refrigerant Piping Liquid Side / Gas Side mm Φ9.52/Φ19.05 (3/8"+3/4")
Drainage  Pipe mm 30
Standard Controller Standard controller (wired controller for option)
Operation Temperature °C 16~32
Ambient Temperature Heating °C -7~24
Application Area 55~95
Model COU-48HSR1
Outdoor Power Supply V-Ph-Hz 380~415/3/50
Cooling Capacity Btu/h 48000
Capacity Kw 14
Input W 5000
Rated current A 8.2
Heating Capacity Btu/h 52000
Capacity Kw 15.2
Input W 5100
Rated current A 8.4
Max Input Consumption W 6000
Max Current A 10.5
Starting current A 66
Compressor Model C-SBN373H8D
Type Scroll
Brand Sanyo
Capacity Btu/h 48100
Input W 4750
Rated current  (RLA) A 8.22
Locked rotor (LRA) A 66
Thermal protector Internal
Capacity uF /
Refrigerant Oil ml 1700
Outdoor Motor Fan Model YDK-60-6P3-2
Input W 170*2
Capacity uF 4*2
Speed r/min 780
Outdoor Coil Number of rows 2
Tube Pitch (a) Test Row Pitch mm 22x19.05
Fin spacing mm 1.6
Fin type Hydrophilic
Tube outside dia. and type mm 7.94 Inner grooved
Coil lenght x height x width mm 1735 x 1280 x 38.1
Number of circuits 7
Outdoor Airflow (High speed) m³h 6100
Outdoor noise level dB(A) 60
Outdoor Unit Diamension (W x H x D) mm 911 x 400 x 1335
Packaging (W x H x D) mm 964 x 402 x 1445
Net/Gross weight Kg 99/110
Refrigerant Type g R410A/3600
Trottle Part Capillary
Design Pressure MPa 4.0/1.2
Max Pressure MPa 4.5
Connecting Wiring Outdoor power supply Power supply individually for indoor and outdoor
Power wiring mm 3 x 2.5/3 x 1.0
Signal wiring mm RS485 twisted shielded wire pair 2×0.5
Refrigerant Piping Liquid Side / Gas Side mm 9.52/15.88 (3/8"+5/8")
Max Pipe Length m 20
Max High Drop m 10
Ambient Temp Cooling °C 18-43
Heating °C -7~24
Ducting Return Air Size mm 740 x  270 (No Flanges)
Supply Air Size mm 920  x 29,50 (No Flanges)

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