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Significant message

“” already build new product or sold product return policy from 1st Jan-2016 to end of Decm-2016. We are selling all types of electronics products by wholesale and retail system; those have different types of characters of every product. Our applicable all return policy is not same. It is depends on sales terms & conditions with clear cut warranty policy or selling system, wholesale or retail.

Electronics product & popular Brand 

Air conditioner, Television, Refrigerator, Freeze, Air cooler, Room Heater, Camera, Microwave Oven , Rice cooker,  Vacuum Cleaner, water dispenser, iron, Home Theater, Speaker, mobile accessories, laptop, Blender, Gas Stove,  Kitchen hoot and other home appliance.


Return policy is valid when a purchaser purchases a product or after received a product, when product shows the fault or damaged for our incorrect delivery process, manufacturing error or our error.

Returns or replace of product

Product return is simple work for us. When we take retune our sold product then it depends on some terms, For example: Original product packaging, product not use, does not install or fitting our sold product. Now and again, it depends on sales terms or system. Wholesale or Retail system.

Product Replacement is crucial factors for us because it’s also depends on sales terms but unfortunately many buyer does not understand it when he or she feel problem. Just mind it:  Same Product,  Same model, Same brand, Same capacity or same color product be replace sold our product, if our valued client feel unsatisfied our sold product  then it will be must change but product availability is the factors otherwise they have to wait until next shipment. In point of fact that it depends on our selling system.

1) For Returns needs

Product Return is the familiar subject for any trade it may online or off line, As a result, we have to very easy for our valued client to give ease or comfort, from here we think that our return policy is very easy other electronics company in Bangladesh. In the same way, has own some easy return policy system.

  • Exact Product: You have to verify to about our correct sold item by Cash Memo, Warranty card or paper, model number, capacity, colors with genuine position.  All papers and credentials illuminate by

2) Inclusive Product

If we received any our sold product for retune “”  or our authority will make sure of this product some accessories  For example:  Cable, Remote Control, Fresh product box or carton , idle state, sales terms papers then we can give return any product from our showroom or office.

3) Unexploited Product

Return Product must be unused and intake, Return policy depends on product warranty period, suppose when we will give you this right in the time of sale. We are giving warranty, Service warranty, Spear parts warranty no guarantee. Any kinds of product accident fault by client then we do take any responsibility.  Client is responsible for that  Do not take any steps which are harmful for us.

4) Spoiled or unspoiled Product

If we provide of any product guarantee or replacement guarantee or warranty then will be liable for this return. Every product has own sales system or warranty. So this is not dangerous for us. It’s very easy for us.

5) Untouched wrapping

Untouched packing product will be return above some terms and we can give different choose for client for our product verity.

6) Product returns Transport facilities

Returnable product size and Returnable product category is the vital factor for which transport is need for you. When we are take responsibility of our total work or product then we will manage it. We have to mind all kinds of factor because consumer is the king of our business. Our return is depending on some portion which is already described in here. We are honestly ready to provide best service to our valued client.

7) Return places

We are providing our all product and service from the different location just say that Dhaka, Chittagong and sylhet showroom. Sometimes they are unable to return or replace any product then we will do it from our corporate office in Dhaka-Purana paltan.

Return product & service Address:

Corporate address: 46/1 Sobhan mansion, purana paltan Dhaka-1000
Gulshan-2 Circle- (Sales office) Thaher Tower- 1st floor.
Servicing center of Air conditioner: Gulshan-1 notun bazaar, Dhaka-1212

Showroom: Shymoli,pallobi,Dhanmondi,Hatirpool,bongobondu Stadium.
Swimming pool Stadium market,
Syhlhet Chowhata, Muktijudda market.
Chittagong : Muradpur moor, boddar hat,
Contact: “”
Call: 01712960393
AirCon HVAC incorporation  (AB electronics)